The topic of microchips brings a lot of discussion and controversy. Nobody really talks openly about it on TV but there is quite a lot of information on internet about it. But most of the information about it comes from sources that also talk about New World Order and plans of the elite to force humans to have microchip implanted under the skin so that they can be controlled more efficiently.

Thus people immediately react in fear when they hear about microchip. And I also had the same reaction when I read about it for the first time 10 years ago. I remember that I have put myself into a state of fear and defense immediately. I said to myself “no way !... I will never allow anybody to do it” etc. I have associated microchip in my mind with something really bad and I have not even tried to look at it objectively and see if this could have any positive side to it. I was completely blinded by the emotion of fear and I was unable to think straight. By the way this kind of reactions of becoming blinded through emotions is seen day to day in lives of humans and we make so many stupid mistakes because of it.

Only after few years I started to investigate and look at the idea of microchip with different attitude and being more objective. But let's leave it for the moment and have a look at the probability of realization of the plan of the elite to implant microchip in humans. Is it possible to stop it at all ? I strongly doubt it. But let's have a look here at some important points to consider.

1. Our technology is already advanced enough to produce this kind of microchips and it has been already successfully tested on humans ( prisoners and volunteers ) and more widely used on animals. So I guess everything is already prepared and elite is ready to do it on the mass scale whenever possible.

2. Microchip could be used as a diversion of our attention. While we are worrying about microchips, elite is doing other things that go in the direction of gaining more control and we are not doing anything to stop them because we focus on other things. Have a look at our current system – internet, Facebook, Youtube, emails, mobile phones, credit cards etc. If somebody wants to know something about you then almost everything is there on internet. If somebody from CIA or police wants to know anything about you they have all this information and much more. Thus practically speaking elite has already control of information about you without having a microchip implanted under your skin. And you don't see it nor react because to you it all seems to be normal. You are worrying and gossiping about microchips while the elite is making their plans come true.

3. If elite decides to implement chips under your skin you won't be able to stop it. I doubt it. Because with proper “marketing” and manipulation tricks you will accept it and you will be thankful to them for it. You will belief that you make your own decision without realizing that you have been intentionally manipulated to think that you have free will. Because you will be convinced that this microchip is the best thing to protect you. Look at this. We know that war is bad and people will die when they go there. But despite of this knowledge many of us supported war in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. It was just a matter of cleverly organized attack on “Twin Towers” in New York. And then you were supporting war in Iraq because you feared about your life. This is just marketing trick, manipulation with the use of fear. And when it comes to implementation of microchips, the elite will use the same dirty tricks. And you will be happy to accept all that they propose you. For example it would be enough to kidnap few children and make a proper propaganda in the newspapers and TV. The best would be to kidnap or even just make a fake story of kidnapping of a child of somebody politically important, famous celebrity etc. And later propose the idea of microchip to be implanted in children under disguise of protecting them from criminals and kidnappers. And guess what ? Most of the mothers blinded by emotions of fear will support politicians who introduce it in the parliament. Emotions will take over them and they won't be able to think straight and objectively in the beginning. And most probably it will take many years before we start to realize what we have allowed.

To be continued...

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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