This is the continuation of my previous article about microchips ( Microchips - Part 1 ).

4. Another important point in implementation of plans of the elite. They are not emotional. They are cold blooded bastards who use emotions to manipulate, control and enslave humanity. And their strong point is that they are very patient and work over long period of time. They make small, seemingly invisible steps towards realization of their plans. And you ignore it, accept it and don't react because you think only about your nearest future. You don’t think long term like the elite. And this is your weak point. Anyway there is still too much resistance today towards microchips. But step by step, slowly and patiently they will convince people to perceive it as something normal and accept it free willingly. There are already many communities of rich people who agreed on microchips in their body as a form of protection. And with the time this will be more popular. In the beginning the microchip is being presented as something positive and only later elite will use it to control and manipulate people ( for example through activating certain chemical changes and emotional states in your body with the use of the chip ). Suddenly something will go wrong in your life and you will not know why. You will not think at all that this could be related to microchip in your body because you will already be convinced that microchip is something good. There will be a lot of false and confusing information about it in literature and internet and the doctor will not be able to confirm it. And then it will be too late.

Thus this is the negative and scary side of microchips. But let's have a look now at possibility to use it in a way that would improve our life.
1. Microchip would be of great help in emergency situations. We would be able to find people who are stuck under the gravel after the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc.
2. We could find children who got lost or kidnapped.
3. Microchip could help to monitor the state of the body and alarm in advance about the danger of heart attack or other life threatening diseases.

Thus we may see that microchips could really be used in a way that is positive and it is really not necessary to associate it only with negative. But I also understand that our current economic and political system in the world is designed to abuse others and make them slaves to few who are in power. And because of this I would not agree to have microchip implanted in my body today. I am against it for the moment.

I would only agree to have it done if I saw that people love and respect each other and treat others as one big family. I would need to see that people live and apply what Jesus was trying to teach us - “Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you”. And only then I would agree on microchip. At the moment we can hardly trust anybody. We are stupid, greedy egoists. Presidents, political leaders and even our friends and closest family members are able to cheat and tell lies in the face. We are blinded by our emotions, we have no moral values and we are able to do almost anything for money ( including murder and any other worst possible thing ). Thus I say no to microchip in the moment. But I will consider it in the future if people make change in their moral values.

As of today I will support "Desteni Group" and their plan to implement Equal Money System because at the moment this is the only realistic and feasible solution to save our world from destruction and evil plans of elite to further enslave humanity.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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