Humanity has a lot of the problems. And most of those problems are related to money. Because most of us have become dependent on money, we have do things that we don't want to do at all. And quite often people are doing a lot of things that humiliate them to get money for the survival – soldiers, prostitution, marriage for money, crime etc. This has been already going for very long time and it seems that there is no solution to it.
Most of us believe that this will never change because this is the way it is, we simply adjust to the situation and play they rules of the game of survival of the fittest. Although the ways we get the money are very unethical and cause a lot of suffering to others, we have to understand it somehow and forgive people for doing it.

But what seems to be completely without the logic is that people have completely given up to the current system and it seems that they don't want to change it at all. People would not have to do all the humiliating things to get the money if we implemented equal money system. EMS is a new economic system that would solve most of the problems of humans and at the same time it would allow everybody to live according to standards of today's millionaire ( and I would say that even better ).

Some of the principles of EMS
1. Every being would have guaranteed supply of basic needs for the whole life – food, house, cloths, car, computer etc. – whatever would be agreed upon as basic.
2. Everybody would have to work only 4 years in their whole life – these 4 years of work would be done in the factories of food, farms, cloths factories etc. - everything that would be necessary to maintain constant supply of basic needs for the rest of humanity. After 4 years everybody would have the right to retire and dedicate their time for their hobbies, traveling, family etc.
3. If somebody would like to have money for the luxurious goods then he or she would have the opportunity to work extra in other jobs where they could earn money for luxurious goods.
4. All of this is unbelievably simple and it would be possible to make it happen and implement in real life of humans through voting in normal political elections.

And although all of it makes sense because we will have to work only 4 years instead of 40 and have living standards much better then the millionaires today, it is not so simple to convince people to support it and get them actively involved into implementation of this system in real life. There is a real chance to make it happen within period of 10 years but people resist it, discard it and attack with fury and hate those who try to present it to them.

And this doesn’t make sense at all. There is a solution at hand that would solve most of the problems of humanity within the period of 10 years, yet hardy anybody wants to listen to it and support it. Where is the logic in human behavior. We all want to be rich and have time to spend with our families, travel and occupy ourselves with our hobbies, we all want to have clean water and beautiful world, yet we don’t want to support equal money system.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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