Today is August 21, 2011 and the conflict in Libya that started in mid February 2011 still has not been resolved. The fights with rebels and the army continue and we don’t know when it is going to finish. All of this started because people had enough of the regime of Col Gaddafi. They started with the protests on the streets and with the time it turned to be a civil war that lasts more then 6 months now.

What were the reasons for the unrests that turned to be a war ?
Libya has the highest living standards in Africa and Gaddafi says that he was doing all for the best of his people. But at the same time if everything was so good why would somebody start the protests on the street and later the war ? The act of war is a desperate act and people need to be really desperate to do something like this. And no matter what Gaddafi says and his good intentions there must have been a reason for people to stand up against their leader.
But of course this is only my personal guess because I don’t live in Libya and I don’t know the exact reasons. Apart from this we can also find on internet information indicating that the war has been manipulated by the USA and other western countries ( elite ). And the reason for this is the high resources of oil in Libya, which makes sense because this was the main reason for war in Iraq. Whether this is true or not I don’t know because again I rely only on information that I have found on internet which doesn’t have to be true at all.

But I know one thing for sure. The war doesn’t bring the result and benefits that people wanted to achieve when they started the protests on the streets. Maybe people will eventually remove Gaddafi from power but at what cost. War brings destruction and many people die through it. We have to take also into account the emotional and psychological effects that war carries that will stay in the minds of people for many years ahead.

And we may not forget also about one other thing. The coalition forces ( NATO ) that support rebels are using bombs that contain depleted uranium ( Silent Killer: NATO denies depleted uranium bombs blasted Libya ) serious health problems are the result of it. I want to point out also that the amount of bombs containing depleted uranium and the radiation from it, affects not only people in Libya. People think that the increased levels of radiation that has been observed this year in Europe were the consequence of the catastrophe in Fukushima in Japan. But in reality this was consequence of the radiation that came from Libya and reached many European countries.

All of it is the result of war and this is not what people in Libya wanted to have when they started the protest on the streets. They wanted to have peace and better life but it seems that now they are even worse then they were under the regime of Gaddafi.
Humanity needs to understand finally that war will never bring long lasting peace. We have to look for the solutions to our problems through different methods.

The best method that would help humanity to solve their problems in peaceful way and in relatively quick time is Equal Money System. We have seen throughout the history of humanity that war never brings lasting peace.


Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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