Do you remember when Barack Obama was elected as a president of United States in 2009 ? He is the first black skin person that has been elected for the highest position in the government in USA. I have friend who was deeply touched by it and had tears in his eyes when this happened. And same like him there were so many people who got also very emotional because of it.
Of course they have a reason to get emotional because in a certain way this is something really significant in the history of America that had very strong racism issues. Although this is past we can still find quite often this problem in the present.

But the racism is not the reason why I am writing this article. I want to take on the issue of economic situation in USA as well as in the world. When Obama has taken the office in the White House he was promising people that he will make the change for the better in their country. Of course he is no different then other politicians and previous presidents. All of them promise always beautiful things during the elections because this is the way to get the votes. And I guess it is not a surprise to anybody that the promises will not be fulfilled.

The question is why people still listen the politicians who time after time give us promises ( tell us the lies in the face ) and we still hope and believe them.

The answer to this question is very obvious ( at least to me ). People suffer from “savior syndrome” – somebody who will come and fix all of the problems of humanity. Americans believed in some way in Barack Obama, which in a sense is no different to the beliefs of Christians who wish and desire that Jesus does exactly the same.

We have been brainwashed into believing that somebody will fix our problems. But this is not going to happen. How many times people have to be told the same before they finally get it. Nobody is going to come and do it for us. We make the shit ourselves and we have to clean it ourselves. Barack Obama cannot go after each person and clean the rubbish that you throw on the footpath instead of the rubbish bin and the same with all other problems.

Even if Barack Obama had the more power ( like Jesus ) and if he managed to solve all of the issues of Americans and the rest of humanity, the problems would come back again, because we have more then 6 billions of humans on this planet who continuously make new problems. People have to learn and understand how they create their own "shit" and start to solve it themselves but at the same time work in the group because this is more efficient. Not everybody can be a president of a country but everybody must do as much as they can within their own reality to make the change. Every body must put in their head and act in a way that is best for all. And not only what is best for America but for the whole world. This is the only way through which we can make the change on Earth.

No Jesus, no Obama and no other politician will ever be able to make the change that we want to have.

Equal Money System is the solution that is best for all and requires active support of all of us and the sooner the better.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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