Tropical storm “Irene” has struck USA and has brought enormous damage destroying houses, roads and disrupting lives of humans. This year 2011 we had already other natural disasters that also brought a lot of damage and killed many people. There were earth quakes in New Zealand, hurricane in Australia with big flooding, tornados in USA and of course the biggest earthquake in Japan with fatal consequences on nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

It is obvious that humans are almost completely helpless in the moment of facing events of nature, which can destroy their whole life within minutes.

The governments always try to help people with rescue efforts, supply of basic needs ( food, water, shelter etc ) in those moments and dedicate certain amount of money to rebuild the infrastructure. Also those who have insurance will get the money to buy themselves new house, car etc. and rebuild their life.
But not everybody is fortunate and being treated equally. There are also many who don’t have insurance or will get only very small payments from their insurance company and people are left on their own without necessary support. And this is the reality of our economic situation.

What is the solution ?

Natural disasters cannot be stopped. They are natural events that happen on our planet and are beyond our control. But it is also true that a lot of those events are provoked by humans themselves. All the pollution that is by-product of human’s activity puts a lot of stress on our planet and brings out of balance the whole ecosystem. The results of it are extreme climate changes and nature events that are fatal for humans. But as I said before we cannot blame anybody but us ( humans ) for it.
Although natural disasters cannot be stopped, a lot of them could be prevented if we managed somehow to reduce pollution. But unfortunately this is rather impossible in our current economic system. Our governments and various organization attempt to do it for some time already but they are very ineffective and the pollution is continuously increasing. And of course we will have to experience the consequences of it in the form of natural disasters that will destroy our infrastructures, our houses etc. and kill many of us.

And I would like to point out here again ( as in my other articles ) that the solution to our problems is in Equal Money System because the pollution and usage of earth resources would drop by more then 80%. And this would help earth to restore balance and equilibrium relatively quickly ( within 10 – 20 years ). And we would be able to achieve it without really having to compromise on our quality of life. In equal money system we would be actually much better off then we are today – we would have cleaner air and water, cleaner food and we would live in abundance that is comparable if not even better then life of the millionaires of today.

But we are not doing it !!! And what is stopping us from doing it ? Nobody but us. We are greedy bastards and stupid egoists. We think only about ourselves ( or our closest family ) and we don’t give a shit about others. OMG… How much more suffering and destruction do we have to experience before we finally we wake up and start to make the change ?

Another thing that I would like to mention here. Earth is not a stupid, dead piece of rock floating in the cosmos. Earth is also a living organism and we are part of it, the same as viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that live inside as well as on the surface of the human body. If the viruses get of out control, they produce too much “pollution” inside of the body that later desynchronizes and puts out of balance the whole system, which manifests itself in the form of sickness and disease that endangers the functioning and existence of the whole human body. And of course we always fight back the viruses with our medicine and various methods. So I guess you should not be surprised that earth is also defending herself against humans because our activity endangers the functioning and existence of whole body of earth in the universe. And our planet is also using medicine ( hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires etc. ) - just like us - that would re-establish equilibrium in the whole body. And the same as you are killing viruses, so is earth killing humans. Thus natural disasters are the result of the imbalance and pollution created by humans. But you have to also realize that a lot of those disastrous events are intentionally directed by earth as a form of medicine to reestablish equilibrium. Earth will not tolerate forever humans who destroy and abuse her just like you will not tolerate viruses that destroy your body.

Thus I advice you to stop abusing earth because if you don’t do it then earth will get rid off you and you will not be able to defend yourself. This is not a fairy story. Earth is a living organism. Stop destroying it and instead help earth to heal herself. And you will benefit from it too beyond your imagination.

Support equal money system.

Greg Wiater - Desteni I Process

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