Then we have this thing with making wishes ( Happy New Year ). But what meaning does it have ?

If you stop and start investigating this point with making wishes it is something like:

“Happy New Year and fcuk off till the next year when I am going to wish you happy new year again ”  

Look… you may be sincere in your wishes but in the end you stop there and you do rather nothing to make this year happy for this person. You leave this responsibility to god, universe or some other higher force. But if nothing “happy” happens to this person for the whole year then there is not a big deal. You just say in compassion “I feel really sorry for you” and you make a wish so that this coming year will be better and happy. But if nothing happens then you do the same next year and so you are “locked” literally forever in the cycle.  

As you can see the negative aspects outnumber the positive ones. But even though the list with positive and negative ones was in favor of celebrating New Year’s Eve then we have that just this element with animals being terrified as a result of fireworks is big enough to forbid them completely.

At the moment we don’t really know why we make such a huge celebration of the “first hour” of a new year. We just do it “just because” everybody else does it… Even though other cultures and religions have their own calendar which does not match with the Gregorian ones they have still accommodated this event and habit. 

Personally I do not see any reason to celebrate the new year. And I do not do it. But it does not mean that you may not do it if that is so important to you. Just take into consideration that our current way of celebrating it makes harm to other beings who share this planet with us ( animals and not only ) and you completely ignore this fact. I am not surprised at all with this fact because we live in separation of our mind and ego and this is the “natural” outflow and consequence of it. 

So how to change this ?

Well… we take the simple approach of applying practically common sense and logic. Demonstrations and protests are rather not effective and the local governments will continue with the fireworks even though some people will oppose it. But if there is less and less people participating in these events then it will change itself automatically and easy without any violent crashes. So the obvious thing is to stop watching the fireworks or doing them privately at your own event with friends. And if you have any pets at home then you should definitely stay with them and give them comfort as much as you can. Under no circumstance do not leave them alone at home.

And so this is my point in regards to celebrating first hour of the new year. I do not celebrate it and I am one person less in causing harm to other beings on this planet by following some habits and tradition which we don’t really know where it came from. If you do the same then we will have 2 persons less. And if others do it as well then we will have 3,4,5… persons less. And so we will change the whole world even though we are “small and insignificant”. 

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