So now - once I have asked myself the question “WHY” should I celebrate the 1st of January as a new year - I should try to find the answer.

And when I think a little bit about it then the only reason why I should celebrate the new year on the 1st of January is because everybody else does it. That is fine. There should be not a problem with doing things because the rest of people do them. But before we make the decision to do these things we should investigate and analyse whether it is not causing harm to others and in the best scenario we should take into consideration the principle of what is best fall all. So that means that we should look at the point whether the celebrations of new year are good for every being on this planet.

So the first thing which is being associated with the celebrations are the fireworks. They look cool and personally I really enjoy watching them. And the best place to see the show is to be as close as possible to the launch platform so that the explosions happen right above my head and so that I can hear the sound of explosions. On couple of occasions I have watched the fireworks from the mountain but because it was few kilometers away then the sound was coming with the delay and the whole show was not the same. And the same is with watching the show on the TV. It does not matter how spectacular it is, it will never beat the experience of being directly under the explosions which happen right above your head with the black sky in the background.

Now… although from time to time somebody gets injured or gets burns during the explosions, in general the fireworks show is rather safe if people follow the safety rules. And for this reason we should not discard organizing these shows just because somebody drunk has done something stupid and he got injured.

But you’ll see… there is one point which most of us omit or ignore. The principle of what is best for all includes that which is best for all beings on this planet. And this all includes also animals, insects etc.

And you’ll know what ?

The fireworks shows are not good at all for the animals. If you have your pet at home then you should know how scary it is for your puppy when the fireworks start to explode. If you don’t a dog or cat or any other animal at home then I am certain that you have heard more than once about it but then you simply ignore it.

Look… when I was kid I used to visit my grandmother during my school holidays. Then I remember the moments when the plane was passing the sound barrier and in this moment there was a noise similar to an explosion. On couple of occasions I saw that the dog of my grandma running away from the underneath the tree where he was resting because he got seriously scared. And then I also noticed that he had the fear and resistance to ever go back and seat under this tree.   

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