So here come the 31 first of December and big part of humanity celebrates the beginning of new year.

But why do we celebrate it at all and when was the very beginning of the celebrations of a new year ?

I am 40 years and this is really the first time that I am asking myself this question. I am not into celebrations of birthdays, Christmas or New Year but then this is the first time when I am asking it. Before that I was accepting it as something normal and I did not bother to stop for a second and ask the “WHY”.  

But why should I make my life so complicated and question it instead of having fun with my friends and enjoying the show of fireworks ?

You’ll see… I am not with my friends at the moment because I worked all day and I am tired. And then I also have my responsibility ( commitment ) to write my daily article. Anyway… I am here writing this article about the celebrations of a new year and I am absolutely thrilled that I have come to the point when I ask myself the “WHY”. If I was with my friend then I would certainly not bother to question anything and I would be just like always following blindly our tradition.

So I am here asking myself the question “why” and I am incredibly content that I have asked it. this is really fascinating because I have been participating in the celebrations of the new year for some 35 years and I have never asked myself the question why.

You’ll see… this is one of these things which are right before your very eyes but yet you do not see them. And the problems is not so much with the weakness in the eyes but rather with the believes which we create in our mind and which are like a veil which does not allow us to see things with clarity.

And so I have my little realization which gives me incredible satisfaction.

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