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Ok... and what about me and what I think about the 21 Dec 2012 and Mayan prophecy about the end of times ? On the contrary to my friend I have been involved into spirituality and the new age movement for about 20 years and I have investigated this topic quite thoroughly - I have read about it and I have heard many different theories from other people involved into spirituality.

And you know what ? I don't believe ( actually I am certain ) that nothing will happen on the 21st of December. There will be planet alignment which is unusual event because it happens once in 26,000 years but it is only unusual when we take into consideration a span of human life. But in the life and the existence of universe ( which counts the time in billions or maybe trillions of earthy years ) this is just a normal event - just another cycle. It is just unusual for people who make most wonderful stories in their minds about this event. You know... in the mind we can imagine anything we want and it could be the most beautiful wish, dream or desire but in the end it is just fiction - it is not real.

The reality is different. I don't have to write about it here. Just look yourself on the news and on internet. And you know who has created it ? Yes... us ( people ). It was neither god nor devil. It is just that we don't want to admit it and take responsibility for it because that means that we would have to work our asses off to make the change in the world because the mess is enormous and it will require a lot of effort to change it. And people got used to have comfortable life and thus to avoid the hard work we would rather create a belief ( excuse ) about the god, the savior or miraculous event ( shift in consciousness, planet alignment ) which would clean the mess for us in an instant so that we could continue our comfortable life.

But the reality is different. We will still be here on the 22nd of Dec 2012 and we will have to go to work ( those who are lucky to have one ) and deal with the shit that we have allowed and created in this world. There is only 2 possibilities to get out of the shit that we are in right now. We either continue the way we do it now and we will destroy life on this planet completely ( at the moment this is the direction that we are heading for ) or we get our asses of the comfortable sofa and start working together and cleaning the mess.

Thus it will be interesting to see the reactions of so many people who allowed themselves to accept the belief about the mysterious event on the 21st of Dec, 2012 and when they see that nothing happened of what they have expected. Some will wake up and start to ask questions about the spirituality, new age, Armageddon etc. but there will be also those who will come up with another idea that the event will happen somewhere in the future and they will wait for it. Because this is what so many of us want - we want to believe in something in the future instead of being here and working with what is here to make a world which is best for all.

To be continued...

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