We have only less then 18 days left to the historical moment when the Mayan calendar ends... 21 December 2012. According to some theories this is the moment when the world ends but according to others this is the moment when we will enter into a new dimension and in that process of shifting into 5th dimension the world and human consciousness and mind will be transformed by the strong energies on the galactic equator and we will live in a better world of harmony, peace, love etc.

Anyway there are a lot of theories about it and this especially popular topic among the spiritual and new age groups. But what about the normal people on the street who don't know much about the meditation, energies etc. ?

Today I had a chance to listen to the phone conversation of one of my friends. He was trying to warn his friend that between the 19th and 24th there will be series of some disastrous events ( like earthquakes and tsunamis ) as a result of the planets alignment. After this conversation I have asked him few questions because I was really curious where from and what kind of information people get about this event. He explained to me that it was his mother who has told him some time ago about the Mayan prophecy but then he mentioned that he observes the news and the situation in the world and it make sense to him that we need population reduction in the world.

It was obvious to me that he could not explain to me what, when and why in details because he hasn't spent much time investigating it but still it has got to him some information about the event of 21st of December 2012.

And what is his plan of action regarding this event ?

His sister is completely freaking out and wants to hide in the higher ground but my friend takes an approach that if it is meant to happen then it doesn't matter where you are, it will get you.

To be continued...

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