There are few points which will help you to identify if you are fucked in your head:

1. You say that life and this world is beautiful... Maybe your life is beautiful and maybe you live in a beautiful place in a luxury house but what about the people who live in poverty, who starve, who are homeless, who are sick and they have no money to pay for the doctor, who are forced to be slaves, who are forced to prostitute themselves, who are being abused etc. There are more people in this world who suffer than those who have easy and comfortable life. This is the proof number that you must be fucked in your head because you don't see it and you consciously deny to see it. You are blind. You make yourself blind. And I have just mentioned the people. And what about the animals of this world ? They suffer as well. Don't you see it ? And what about the pollution, excessive destruction of nature in the name of profit etc. ? Don't you see it ? Thus how can you say that life is beautiful ?

2. You say that you want to change the world but you do nothing towards it... There are many people who say that they want to change the world unfortunately these are just empty words. They find some excuses ( e.g. I am too small to change the world ) and they give up before even starting. They already realize that our world is in difficult situation and there must be done a lot to make it better but unfortunately they let themselves to be overwhelmed, they give up and let the destruction to continue.

3. You are against ( and you even kill ) those who want to make the change in the world... What is even worse then the people mentioned in the previous point is that there are also people in the world who say that they want to make the world a better place but at the same time they are the vicious enemies of those who practically act and work towards the change in the world. It seems almost impossible to believe that we have people like this on earth but this is true. And I am not talking only about those people from the elite and the governments who are in power and try to control the rest of the people with the intention to make profit. I am also talking about your friends, family members, colleagues from work etc. This point has been clearly seen with many people who joined Desteni Group and started to work towards implementation of new economic system called Equal Money System. It is obvious that this new system would make a better life for everybody but still the reactions of their family members and friends are unbelievable - instead of helping and joining they become vicious enemies of theirs. If you are one of them it is a proof number three that you are completely fucked in your head.

To be continued...

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